In a nutshell, I love Eastlake because it’s authentic, real. I grew up in a church where the pastor was sitting high on a pedestal and that level of piety was never going to be attainable for me so it got to the point that I quit trying. There were loving people there for sure, but the god portrayed to me was damning, not full of grace and mercy. While I stuck with church through high school, I forged my own path through college and post-college, putting God on the back burner. The high of being on my own was pretty amazing, but I was beyond lost and constantly pondering my purpose. I read every book related to finding your life’s purpose. No help. My father-in-law burned me an audio CD just before he passed: The Art of Mindfulness. He had just started meditating and he loved it. He was a great man, but this made him even better…settled somehow. Over-worked, juggling kids and killing myself for the next dollar…I was nowhere near being in the moment. I listened to that CD over and over in my car on the way to/from work and began reading everything written by Thich Nhat Hanh, listening to every audio book he produced. I could not get eno