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Seth and Aimee's Story

We love this church and have never been a part of such a loving community sought out to being a beneficial presence in the world. EastLake practices what they preach and is committed to being fully inclusive and inviting to all, truly a church for the rest of us. Such an environment couldn't be possible without the amazing leaders and volunteers at EastLake. Having had the opportunity to be involved and build relationships with many people from the church including the members from the leadership team, we feel honored and have complete trust and faith in those that lead at EastLake which is refreshing in a church community.

Having been a part of several other local churches in the past, we have seen many forms of church messages and the strings that most other organizations may place upon its participants. Not at EastLake though. This place is truly authentic in trying to make the world a better place and we have never felt so encouraged to "take action" and participate more than an hour on Sunday morning.

The messages are intellectually stimulating, covering important topics that help us recognize our blind spots and privilege. Nearly every Sunday we leave EastLake inspired to do something meaningful, whether that means researching other organizations, contributing to a marginalized or oppressed group, personal meditation, and in many cases recognizing our blessings through the process. People seek belonging and we love being a part of the EastLake tribe. There is a saying that "you are the average of your 5 closest friends/networks", and we are grateful that EastLake helps raise our average.

We prefer to financially contribute to organizations that support those in need and whose mission is aimed to positively affect social change. With that in mind, we feel passionate about supporting EastLake. We frankly feel that the only way for such an environment to exist is through financial contributions. We strive to raise our kid (Penelope) to love others in a non-judgemental way, to know that she is a part of something larger than herself, and that God is Love. EastLake says it best that "Life is a gift and love is the point".

-Seth & Aimee

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